Fortnite for Android is getting very close to release, and we’ve already learned a lot about Epic Games’ plans for the game on Google’s platform. Now, an APK has leaked out early, and it reveals a few more details.

An APK for Fortnite obtained by an XDA Forums member (via XDA-Developers) reveals a few key details about the game’s release. To address the elephant in the room, no the APK doesn’t actually allow the game to be played on Android yet. As you can see in this video, an error message occurs during the set up process, not allowing users to actually access the game itself.

Version 5.20 of Fortnite for Android reveals firstly that Samsung’s exclusivity period with the game may also initially include the recently launched Galaxy Tab S4. We first reported last month that the Galaxy Note 9 would have a 30-day exclusive on Fortnite, but these strings hint that the Tab S4 may also be able to play the game during that time period. The game will apparently be downloadable on all recent Samsung hardware during that time, but will only actually run on the Note 9 and Tab S4.

We also already know that Samsung may have worked out a 4-month exclusive on the game to its phones and tablets only. While the wider public release of the game is confirmed to skip over the Google Play Store, it may still arrive in Samsung’s own app store. Another set of strings in the leaked APK reveal that Epic is using Samsung’s in-app purchase API, hinting that it will likely be available through Samsung’s store.

For Samsung users, this could be a huge plus, as it would negate the need to sideload the APK and open the device up to security risks, as well as making updates a far easier process. Of course, take that will a grain of salt, as Epic’s stance on “middleman” app stores wasn’t just about the 30% cut Google takes. It’s largely expected that we’ll get some official information about the release later this week at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 event, so stay tuned.


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