Understanding the EXP System

If you want to keep racking in the XP, you’ll want to know what’s getting you points when the match comes to a close. There are a number of categories to keep watch for.

Survival Time 1 per second You first begin to earn points when the first circle appears, not when you land.
Got a Kill +50 Get one kill. This score does not continue with each kill.
Kills +20 per kill Every kill you get will earn you 20 points. This one stacks with each kill. Assists do not count.
Placement  ?  ?

Boost Bonus

If you’re really trying to maximize your XP gain, definitely consider getting the Battle Pass. Right from the start, you’ll automatically earn an additional 50% in every match. As you progress through the tiers, you’ll unlock additional XP boosts that increase your boost by 10%.

The Battle Pass also provides you with a 10% Friend XP Boost that gives anyone in your team the extra bonus. Leveling up your tiers will also add 5% to this bonus every so often.

Playing in a squad with players who have a Battle Pass is even better! The Friend XP Boosts stack so having a squad where everyone has one will give you a 30% extra boost. And that’s assuming everyone has the base the base 10% you start with.


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