One of Destiny 2‘s PvP activity, Trials of the Nine, rewards those who attain perfection. But fear now, because it’s not always about being perfect. You can also win rewards with a few losses under your belt as well.

In Trials of the Nine, you unlock loot at three, five, and seven wins. The best loot, however, is a fourth drop that’s obtained when you finish a card with seven wins and zero losses, better known as, “Flawless”. Going flawless can be tough, but it takes a healthy mix of teamwork, skill, and patience.

So far, Trials is played on two distinct game modes in Countdown and Survival.


One team attacks while the other defends. No matter which side you’re on, sticking together with at least one teammate will help you win most engagements. Team-shooting is key in Destiny 2.

Attackers should decide before the round begins which of the two bomb sites they will attack. It will be hard for the defenders to rotate their entire team to the bomb site you choose if they’re not already there. If the defense guessed right and has all four of its members waiting for your arrival, it might be time to hold off and rotate to the other bomb site, or play for one kill to put the odds more in your favor.

On defense, the smart play is to split your team up where you can easily make it to either bomb site to engage the attackers when the push happens. Stacking all four members at one site can be lucky sometimes, but it will leave the other site completely undefended and allow the attackers to quickly plant the bomb and set up their defense.

When it’s time to fight, things like Warlock Rifts and Titan Barricades can help turn the tide in your favor quickly. Sometimes the smart play is to form your attack or defense around them.


This game mode is basically round-based team deathmatch with limited respawns. Each team starts with just eight respawns, so it’s important to not waste any. Stick together with your team and team-shoot anyone who shows up in your sights.

Survival usually plays slower than other game modes, as hand-holding with teammates occurs often. Lone wolves will have a tough time if they wander off by themselves, as they will find themselves easily susceptible to being melted by an enemy team working together.

Weapon Loadouts

In Trials, or Destiny 2 Crucible in general, you should try to go with a combination of one long-range gun and one close quarter’s gun. It’s important to play to the map in Trials, so having this loadout can cover you in multiple situations and for multiple locations.

A common loadout is a scout rifle like the MIDA Multi-Tool combined with an auto rifle like Uriel’s Gift or Prosecutor, or a submachine gun like the MIDA Mini-Tool.

With this kind of loadout, you can stay far back and use sightlines to your advantage with a scout or pulse rifle, and pull out a full-auto gun like an AR or SMG to spray someone down if they get close to you.

Power weapons basically come down to preference. Power ammo will spawn every round, and picking it up can help turn the tide. Rocket launchers can help clear out multiple enemies from a distance, but sniper rifles are more accurate. Shotguns are also handy as they have one-shot potential up close.

A smart play sometimes is to pick up ammo for a shotgun when pushing an objective as the attacking team in Countdown, because the enemy will be forced to push you close enough where you can take them out quickly.

Be patient

Sometimes, the flawless 7-0 card can be elusive. It’s important to not get discouraged and to stay focused.

There will be times when the other team is just better than you, and there’s not much you can do about it. Take the loss, start a new card, and begin your rise to the top of the Third Spire where the Emissary will be awaiting you with top-tier rewards.

If you’re having trouble with the game modes, play the Competitive playlist in Crucible to get a better handle on them. Practice will only familiarize you with the task at hand.

Have fun

Not going flawless is not the end of the world. Remember, you still get packages at three, five, and seven wins. And with all of the wins on your first card, you will be rewarded tokens that can be given to the Emissary at the Third Spire to earn random rewards.

Enjoy yourself, stay patient and calm and eventually the flawless will come.


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