There will be a lot of farming going on in Destiny 2 over the holidays. The Dawning has brought daily gifts that Guardians can earn, but only if they’re willing to put in a certain amount of work. Some of that work will be easier, and some more of a grind. It’s all reasonable, though, assuming you know where to go and what to do for each part of your quests. Farming Acolytes is probably one of the easier tasks.

Where to Farm Acolytes

Without question, the best place to farm Acolytes is on Titan. Set a course for that destination, landing on the Rig. There are two lost sectors there. You want to go to the one that is at the top of the map, where you must jump off the side and land on a catwalk to reach the areas under the surface. This lost sector is called Cargo Bay 3, and the main boss is an Ogre. The good news, however, is that the Ogre is guarded by 30 Acolytes, and you’ll likely need about 40. Run through this lost sector and you are 75 percent of the way there. Leave and come back and you can kill the remaining 10.

If the Witches’ Ritual public event is going on, you can also use that to farm a few Acolytes, but it is by no means the most efficient method. It’s great for farming Thrall, and it’s decent if you need to farm Wizards, but Acolytes are most easily found in the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector on Titan.


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