For a full breakdown of the Pleasure Gardens on Prestige including dog paths, check out the map below courtesy of Oniji:

Once the fireteam accumulates enough of a buff during the spore phase in Pleasure Gardens, we recommend splitting into teams of three and taking the three left and three right flowers, ignoring the trees and caves dog. Do as much damage as possible to these dogs but don’t kill them. Also, make sure to get back to the safe room in time because Prestige removes a player’s Revive Token if they do so teams can’t chain revives if everyone but one player dies.

On the second damage phase, everyone should kill their dog and then focus on the trees or caves dog. The team on the left flowers will run to trees and work to kill it and the team on the right will do the same for caves. If for whatever reason, though, the team doesn’t feel confident enough in killing all of the dogs at once, you can weaken the trees and caves on a second damage phase, return to the safe room, and then kill them all on a third phase.

Just like with the normal version of Pleasure Gardens, the Prestige encounter is all about finding the right timing for moving to each flower and coordinating the damage phase. It’s better to get everyone in position and go for damage than to try to get an extra buff and have players run from the far left side all the way to the right side to damage their dog.


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