A large group of players … who am I kidding, the entire destiny community has learned that the Calus cheese works on every portion of the Leviathan Raid. This huge glitch that has everyone currently being thankful that it also works for prestige mode makes EVERY encounter a breeze.

Prestige Mode Cheese:

  1. For Pleasure Gardens, if done correctly, you will only have to fight three dogs instead of 8.
  2. For Pool (Baths), if done correctly, you will only have to fight bathers instead of bathers and adds.
  3. Foor Gauntlet, if done correctly, you just have to RUN, pop your counselor and shoot your projection. That’s right… NO ADDS PERIOD. The phase moves so fast that it seems like an instant double bell and the psionic protection immediately appears.

I haven’t heard much about using the cheese for the entire regular raid but the destiny community is currently milking the HELL out of the cheese for prestige mode. After speaking to a few players, it seems that the majority use for the cheese is because the destiny players do not feel that Bungie did not present any true gain from this hard mode raid complete. You only are able to obtain shaders, flow affect armor, and an ornament for the raid shotgun (if you completed that Acrius Quest)

What follows are spoilers for the Leviathan raid boss in Destiny 2.

When you first enter the throne room, one player needs to stand on the left rear platform near the blue brazier. The other players post up just below Calus. As one, they leap onto Calus’ platform and shoot the chalice out of his hand, starting the raid. Once Calus stands, they will instantly be crushed by a vicious stomp.

At the same time they’re being stomped, the fifth player needs to move close enough to the brazier on the other side of the room to begin taking damage. Then that player goes into the menu system to change characters, stopping when they reach the final confirmation page.

From there it’s about synchronization. The player in the menus need to hit the confirm button at the precise moment that the countdown screen goes black to reset the raid. If you get it right, you’ll spawn back into the throne room. This time, all the doors will be open. When you begin the raid again, no additional enemies will spawn in.

So long as you have enough ammunition, the raid is a cakewalk from that point on. If you don’t have enough ammunition then you can always turn to the warecliff glitch.

It’s also super cheesy, and clearly, exploits the game’s death state and character transition systems that are working hard on player’s behalf in the background.


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