The Legend of Acrius is an Exotic Power Weapon in Destiny 2.

It’s a fixed reward for a very long quest line after the story.

Legend of Acrius

How to Get Exotic Legend of Acrius

To get the Legend of Acrius Exotic, do the following steps:

  1. Along with your run through the story and ventures afterwards, you will come across an item that takes up a slot in your Power Weapons called ‘On the Comms’ which is actually the start of this Exotic Quest.
  2. Once you have the ‘On the Comms’ in your power weapon slot head to Nessus to recover Communication Ciphers from Red Legion enemies. You will have to pick these from random drops to move on to the next portion of this quest.
  3. Once you have collected all 5 Communication Ciphers you will have to complete The Leviathan raid. Once you have completed the raid while having this quest you will receive the quest ‘Imperial Invitation’ which will take up a slot in your Power Weapons also.
  4. Head to the Tower and speak with Benedict 99-40 and he will ask you to complete a strike. The strike is on Earth and is called End the Arms Dealer. Head to earth and gear up for a nightfall-esque strike experience.
  5. Head to the banner and start up the strike, however, do note that this is a strike that has a Recommended Power of 300 Light. The strike will be on a constant rotation of burns and will have a timer counting down. If you reach 0:00 on the timer you will be kicked back to orbit and have to try again. If that wasn’t bad enough your loadout becomes locked while flying into the strike so be prepared beforehand. There will be anomaly’s throughout the strike you can shoot that will extend the timer by 30 each. It is recommended that you and your fireteam discuss who will cover what elements and use primary between your burn.
  6. Once you have completed the strike you will be rewarded with the Legend of Acrius exotic shotgun.
  • Exotic Name: Legend of Acrius
  • Type: Power Weapon, Shotgun
  • Item Description: “In the Cabal legend, a hero seeks to possess the sun. He Succeeds. Then, he becomes Emperor. The Cabal… are not a subtle people.” -Tyra Karn
  • Special Ability #1: Shock Blast — Fires High Damage Arc Blast.
  • Acquired by: See steps above. Complete story, complete the raid, follow the Power Weapon quests.
  • Legend of Acruis Shotgun stats


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