The Celestial Nighthawk is an Exotic Gear Piece in Destiny 2 for Hunters.

It’s a random drop from Quests, PVE and PVP.

  • Exotic Name: Celestial Nighthawk
  • Type: Helmet (Hunter)
  • Item Description: Starlight is your guide. No vacuum will contain you.
  • Special Ability #1: Hawkeye Hack — Modifies Golden Gun to fire a single, high-damage shot. Enemies eliminated by the shot explode.
  • Special Ability #2: Class abilities recharge faster when using a Solar subclass.
  • Acquired by: Random drop from Quests, PVE & PVP. It has a chance to drop from Shaxx’s Call to Arms quest (talk to him in the Farm and complete a few Crucible Matches), and it can also come from the post-story main mission in the tower (it gives one exotic engram which contains one random item).


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