YouTuber, Mesa Sean, however, found evidence that the release date for the next Destiny 2 DLC might indeed be May 8, and he explains how he came to this conclusion in the first minute of his YouTube video:

Apparently, the YouTuber was sent a tweet by Dani V on Twitter that said that in the French version of “This Week at Bungie”, it says that the next game update will be on May 8. In the English version of “This Week at Bungie” though, it does not say the same thing as the French site. When put through Google Translate, the French version of “This Week at Bungie” says the following: “We are far from having reached the final version. Many changes are planned for Destiny 2. This is just another step. The next is scheduled for May 8th.”

From this message, we can assume that it is either the next Destiny 2update, 1.1.4, that will be implemented on May 8, or it is in fact the release date of the second Destiny 2 DLC. What we do know about the next Destiny 2 DLC is that it will not be delayed on PC, and that it might take place on Saturn. Additionally, some details regarding the story of the DLC have also been leaked, but the official release date has remained elusive up to this point.

Some may feel that this evidence is slightly far-fetched, but there is more evidence that the release might indeed be in May.  For now, whether it is an update or the second DLC, we are excited to see what the game will offer next, especially after all the controversies and problems that Destiny 2 has experienced up to this point.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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