Destiny 2 players can participate in Faction Rally, a PvE and PvP event that challenges them to win glory for one team above the others.

Faction Rally is a regular Destiny 2 event, and on this page we’ll always post the latest details.

The latest Faction Rally was held from November 7 through November 13, and resulted in a win for New Monarchy. Although the event is over, you can still collect engrams earned through your efforts over the past week.

Those who pledged allegiance to Executor Hideo can purchase the legendary sword Honor’s Edge for 5,000 Glimmer. Others will have to fork out 50,000 for the blade.

We’ll update this page when a new Faction Rally is announced for Destiny 2. In the meaning, scroll down to find a break down of what a Faction Rally is, get details on how to earn loot in a Faction Rally, and take a look at loot from past events.


November 2017 Faction Rally and loot

Destiny 2’s second Faction Rally kicked off 1:00am PT November 7 and tan until 1:00am PT November 13.

The formula was changed slightly since the inaugural event, thanks to Destiny 2 patch 1.0.6. The key alteration was that Strikes are now more worthwhile in terms of acquiring Faction Rally tokens, while easily farmed activities are less so.

Faction Rally token rewards for Strike completion were upped from a range of three to seven to a range of five to nine. Nightfall now rewards a range of ten to 18 Faction Rally tokens on first completion per character.

Additionally, Public Events were nerfed a little and now award five Faction Rally tokens instead of eight. You won’t get tokens for destroying enemy resources in Lost Sectors. However, opening a Lost Scetor chest grants three Faction Rally tokens to every fireteam member. That means you won’t lose out by doing Lost Sectors with a friend who steals your resource kills.

Here’s the loot that was on offer in Destiny 2’s November 2017 Faction Rally. Note that the loot table has been expanded with new weapons for each faction.

Dead Orbit Faction Rally gear


Dead Orbit Faction Rally victory weapon – grenade launcher


Future War Cult Faction Rally gear


Future War Cult Faction Rally victory weapon – fusion rifle


New Monarchy Faction Rally gear


New Monarchy Faction Rally victory weapon – sword


How to pledge to a faction in Destiny 2

If this is your first Faction rally (welcome, new Destiny 2 players on PC) you may be wondering who to pledge to a faction. The short answer is that you have to wait for it to actually start.

During a Faction Rally, Destiny 2 players are directed by a Milestone to speak to each of the three faction leaders, and only then can you return to any of them to make a pledge.

Once you have pledged to a Faction, you’ll earn reputation tokens for that faction during a number of Activities, which you can then cash in for Legendary Engrams as you would at any vendor.

As our Destiny 2 guide notes, vendor engrams are a great way to level up and get more Power fast, especially before you hit about 260 Power, so it’s nice to have another source of loot – as well as some different-looking sets of gear.

You can only pledge to one of the three during each Faction Rally, so make your choice wisely. Ideology aside, your Faction Rally choice depends on what kind of loot you’d like to receive. Each faction has its own collection of gear and shaders, mush of which is available in other engrams but is most easily obtained as Faction Rally loot.

Additionally, at the end of the Faction Rally the group with the greatest support will offer a unique weapon for sale. Those who pledged to the winning faction will be able to purchase this weapon for 1,000 Glimmer – and everyone else will be charged a whopping 50,000 Glimmer.

The winner is announced when the event ends – at reset the following week – and Bungie does not provide updates on the competition while it is live. Tokens earned during a Faction Rally can be cashed in after the event ends, so don’t worry if you don’t make it back to your faction leader in time with your pocket full of coins. Any engrams you have not collected will auto-decrypt and appear in your inventory.

The victory reward weapon will go on sale immediately after the event ends at weekly reset.

Incidentally, Faction Rally gives you a chance to earn Loot-a-palooza Keys and start a Dance Party in Destiny 2.


How to earn Faction Rally loot

It’s very easy to earn loot in a Faction Rally. You only need 20 tokens to receive a new Legendary Engram, and tokens are awarded for a variety of standard Destiny 2 Activities. You can easily earn hundreds of tokens an hour with focused play, and plenty just by continuing your usual habits.

One of the easiest ways to fill your boots is to participate in the new Faction Rally Public Event. As you’re wandering around a Destination you may notice clusters of public event symbols. Approach and you’ll find stacks of crates surrounded by capture circles. Stand inside the circles, fending off the baddies who come for you, until the meter hits 100 and you get the message that “supplies have been seized for the city”. Then simply move onto the next one. There are generally three or four sets of supplies per event, and once every set has been captured or lost, a loot chest will spawn with a stack of rewards.

Each day, check your Director menu for a new Faction Rally Daily Milestone. This will guide you to a particular Activity that rewards bonus faction tokens. For example, the very first Faction Rally Milestone challenged players to enter Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone and destroy marked crates. Your reward for completing the Daily Faction Rally Milestone is a big whack of faction tokens, too.

You also earn Faction Rally tokens for the following Activities:

  • Completing Strikes
  • Completing Public Events
  • Completing Lost Sectors
  • Complete the Leviathan Raid

You can farm Faction Rally tokens by finding a short Lost Sector near a fast travel zone, clearing it and fast traveling outside to reset it and start again. Do this too often and you’ll trigger a cooldown, but even so it’s a quick way to stock up – especially if the Challenge for blowing up supplies is active.

That said, Faction Rally tokens seem to rain down as you just fool about on any Destination, to be honest. Fill your boots by doing whatever you want.

There is a limit on Faction Rally engrams, though; after you’ve nabbed 30, you’ll find they only drop shaders, not equipment. This is probably to stop you collecting so many Legendary Shards you clear Xur out for the rest of his life.

Which Faction is best?

As a reminder, Dead Orbit believes humanity should abandon Earth, and fancies black, white, grey and silver shaders. New Monarchy thinks the answer to humanity’s problems is to elect a single leader, and likes red, white and gold. Future War Cult is pretty convinced apocalyptic conflict is inbound so we should all fight all the time to prepare for it, and likes red, blue, and yellow.

Supposedly your feelings about these philosophies should affect your Faction choice … but there doesn’t seem to be any story content attached to the factions whatsoever. The real difference between the factions is their gear and shaders, which you can check out above.

If you really can’t decide, there’s good news – your Faction Rally pledge is character-bound, not account-wide, so you can send your alts to support the other teams if you fancy.


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