Free challenges

    • Ride a Zipline in different matches (0/5)

Use a Zipline in five different matches.

    • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge (0/1)

Land at Lonely Lodge, then at

    • Legendary weapon eliminations (0/2) (Hard)

Kill two opponents using a Legendary weapon.

Battle Pass challenges

    • Search Chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple (0/7)

You’ll need to find seven chests to complete this challenge.

    • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match (0/2)

Find two houses with doorbells for this challenge.

    • Search between three ski lodges (0/1) (Hard)

Search the area between three ski lodges.

    • Stage 1: Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents(0/200) (Hard)

Deal 200 damage using Shotguns for the first stage of this challenge.


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