Servers for both Destiny and Destiny 2 are currently offline for maintenance, with a period of downtime that’s planned to last for four hours, according to Bungie’s support site.

The maintenance window began at 7 a.m. PT, at which point players were no longer able to log in to Destiny’s servers. If they were playing at the time, though, they can stay online until 8 a.m. PT, when “all online players will be removed from Destiny.” Bungie is aiming to complete the maintenance and bring both games’ servers back online by 11 a.m. PT.

In addition to working on Destiny’s servers, Bungie will use this downtime to completely patch out artwork from a piece of Destiny 2 armor that resembled a hate symbol. The artwork in question — which appears on a pair of Hunter gauntlets under the Road Complex AA1 set — bears strong similarities to the logo for Kek, a satirical “religion” created by members of the so-called alt-right.

Destiny 2 - Road Complex AA1 gauntlets next to ‘Kekistan’ flag
Hunter gauntlets from Destiny 2’s Road Complex AA1 armor set (left); the main section of the “national flag of Kekistan.” (right).
 Bungie/Activision, Southern Poverty Law Center

Bungie apologized for the design’s presence in Destiny 2 last Tuesday, and promised to remove it from the game as soon as possible. That day, the studio updated the game to make the artwork invisible in the game world — it was no longer possible to see it on your character. In explaining how the design made it into the game, Bungie said on Thursday that it would eliminate any traces of the artwork with a patch this week.

That patch, which will bring Destiny 2 to version, will be available after the completion of today’s server maintenance. We’ll update this article with full patch notes as soon as they’re available.


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